What is an awning?

Simply put, an awning is an overhang which is mostly attached to the exterior wall of a house or building.
The main goal of an awning is to provide shelter and shade against the boiling hot sun.

awnings If you're interested in placing an awning, you probably have a lot of questions.
What does an awning cost? What posibilities or options do I have? Is an awning easy to place yourself? ... These, and a lot more other questions regarding the awning will all be answered on Awnings-awning.co.uk!

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An awning can come in very handy! Especially during hot summers. However, besides the advantages of an awning, there are also several disadvantages...


  • An anwning can easily keep heat out of the house, and let the coolness in.
  • If you choose for an awning, your furniture won't bleach because of the sun.
  • You can choose to make your awning electrical. That way you don't need to do any hard work anymore.
  • An awning is a very cheap solution to block the sun.

  • You lose a part of your outer sight.
  • The fabric of an awning is strong, but watch out with storms.

awning quotes

Free awning quotes

If you're interested in placing an awning, always compare quotes.
By comparing quotes from several companies, specialized in placing awnings, you can save up to 30% on the original cost of an awning.
Besides that, you'll also get insight in the materials that are used, and don't forget that you also will get a warranty.

These quotes are 100% free, without purchase obligation and we only work with the highest quality companies.